Monday, July 22, 2019

CIA Cockroaches Beat the FUCK Out

Based Iran.  There is literally nothing lower than a fucking CIA piece of shit vermin.  

All of them need to be gassed and eviscerated alive.  Good riddance to cockroach feces.  Hope more are caught and fucking executed.  Enjoy eternal oblivion, you vile shitbags.

For all CIA cuckroaches reading this now, YOU are fucking next.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Lol @ What an Absolute Cuck the White "Male" is

Absolutely fucking pathetic.

You will die a genetically inferior, lonely incel beating off to interracial porn.  Top kek


Instead of Where's Waldo, let's play Where's Cumstain, lol.

Answer: on his fucking way to extinction

France will be the first western country to fall.  And we get to watch it all happen with popcorn in hand.  The rest of you will follow like dominos.  

Thursday, July 18, 2019

France is a Third World Shithole On the Verge of Civil War

You will be the first western shithole to be systematically taken over by brownskins before erupting into civil war (which you will lose).

So I suggest you just kill yourselves, you dirty french fried faggots.

Lol, one by one, every single western shithole country will fucking crumble and collapse, as the Middle Kingdom continues to strengthen and increase its sphere of influence.

Also, lol at some burning crispy japs today.  Good riddance to some trash fucking anime shit.  Vile subhumans will all get exactly what they deserve.


Keep that in mind.

Reminder that everything ever reported by western libcuck soyboy dick-sucking white scum is 100% grade A fucking bullshit:

The day of the nuke is fucking coming for you.

Reminder That China is Doing Much Better Than Amerikkka

Lol, burn in hell, inbred anglo mutt scum.  Day of the nuke is scheduled for you.

China is both the present and the future of the world.  A future from which your entire fucking cumstain kind will be totally fucking eradicated.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

There's Nothing More Revolting Than a Fucking Taiwanese Accent

Learn how to speak proper fucking Chinese without a disgusting retard accent, you brain-damaged fucking island chink rat vermin.

Better yet, we should just fucking nuke you into non-existence.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Get Ready to Seethe, Cumstains

Neckbeard cuckasoids on suicide watch.

Just kidding, fucking neck yourselves.

It will save us the trouble of eradicating you later.

Lol, eat shit you fucking subhuman vermin

What absolute fucking retards all amerikkkans are.  You need to be fatally removed from the fucking gene pool.

Reminder that the white male is literally 3.5% of the world population.  And everybody fucking wants you dead.  Let that sink in, cuckroach scum.
LMFAO, white incel cuckroaches getting BEAT THE FUCK OUT absolutely everywhere.  Sad little fucking vermin.

Fkn lol, virgin insects.  The white male was born a genetically inferior incel cuck, and he will die in the same way.  SAD!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Reminder That the White "Male" is a Dickless Cuckroach

Subhuman pig-colored vermin, kek
Oh look, here come your replacements
Also, reminder that amerikkka is a universally hated third world fucking shithole filled with degenerate fucking vermin:

Sunday, July 14, 2019

James Bond Is Now A Black Woman

The absolute fucking state of the western "male."  You ugly, dickless, balding, inbred fucking manlet incels are seething so fucking hard right now.  Imagine getting jewed this fucking bad, L-O-FUCKING-L.

Can you even fucking imagine Chinese media allowing alpha cultural fucking icons such as Wu Song to be fucking gender-swapped and racially fucked with?  No, because the Han superiorman is not a pathetic, low test beta soyboy CUCK like you.  We take all of the slavic women while the brownskins take all the western sluts.  Sucks to be a white "male."  That burning pain you feel in your gut right now is the realization that you were always a fucking inferior beta subhuman, and your future is total fucking genocide at the hands of your women, at the hands of jews, at the hands of fucking everyone who hates your vile fucking cockroach kind.   SAD!

By the way, all of this is insanely entertaining to the rest of us, who laugh at your expense.  Neck yourselves, cumstains.

The white "male" is an impotent, genetically inferior cockroach excuse for a subhuman.  That is all.