Tuesday, June 13, 2017

White Women vs. Asian Women Without Makeup

Ever wonder why white women just look "plain" sans makeup, but Asian women are ugly as shit without it?
It's because white women use makeup to accentuate their facial features, while Asian women use makeup to HIDE their ugly face.

Something you low-IQ pea brains could have figured out for yourselves if any of you were even remotely capable of critical thought.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Beauty is Facial Averageness, Not "Sexual Dimorphism"

Lol at WMAF claiming WMAF couples look more "natural" together.  Couldn't be further from the truth.

Just take a look at the brow ridge of the average Asian male and the average white female.

Now take a look at the brow ridge of the average Asian female (jk, it doesn't exist) and the average white male (neanderthal's).
Beauty is not "sexual dimorphism" but rather facial averageness, quite the opposite.

Just another load of copey bullshit concocted by pathetic, clueless, fragile WMAF.  No wonder your kids are so fucked up.  SAD!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

USA — Built on the bodies of Native Americans

It's always hilarious when fat, ugly, arrogant, stupid inbred Americans try to stand on their moral high horse and lecture about the supposed "evils" of China.

America is a cesspool of cuckasoid "supremacy" and racial tension between every demographic imaginable.

America is the only country that has used nuclear weapons, and their scumbag POS ancestors dare to justify this action by claiming that they saved innocent countless lives.  The truth is that it was all a political move.  Truman was just as much a vile bag of scum as Hitler, but victors write history and the cucks (read: Japs) eat it up.

Can't wait for North Korea to bomb California into a smoking fucking crater and then proceed to tell Americans that their innocent little cockroach lives were saved in doing so.

Free Tibet?  China will "free" Tibet after 'Murica frees Puerto Rico and all of your stolen island territories, you obese fucking neanderthal cockroach maggots.
Get fucking nuked.

Attacks by terrorists that resent your very existence and endeavor to blow your fat asses into pasty bits—just reaping what you sow.  Kindly get decapitated.


Oh, and by the way, I'm pretty sure that Trump just sold billions worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia.  Lol.  So much for your Phaggot-king orange clown-savior.  Better find a new safe space, neo-nazi scum.  Try under the London Bridge.