Sunday, January 26, 2020

Lol, Are You Going to Cry, Fugly Incel?

Kill yourself, genetic garbage.  You will die a fucking virgin, lol
Your inferiority on display
You are vastly inferior to this ten year old.  Neck yourself, cumstain

Friday, January 24, 2020

All Girls Love Gongsun Sheng

Reminder that if given the opportunity, every woman would suck Dragon in the Cloud's gigantic fucking dick behind her partner's back.
Not that any of you miserable fugly incels have to worry about that.

Everybody loves Gongsun Sheng.

Meanwhile, everybody still fucking hates you:

Lol, sucks to be a beta loser caucroach.
Lol, ameriturds are an absolute fucking parasite.  Fucking die off already, you annoying fat ugly bags of vile shit.
Based Iraq.  Project harder, narrow-skulled inbred angloid scum.  You're going to be forcibly removed from existence soon enough.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020


What a typical scrawny, weak, effeminate, absolute retard IQ piece of pasty white beta faggot little shit.

How fitting that this geeky little maggot incel piece of genetic garbage gets BTFO by the more alpha white woman for everyone to see (and mock).

Could things BE any more fucking embarrassing for you right now???????

Monday, January 13, 2020

Lol, Get Fucked, Angloid Vermin

While the Middle Kingdom will remain >95% Han.  Seethe, you narrow-skulled faggot cumstain.  Everything you make is inferior, just like your subhuman DNA, and this is the year that hollywood becomes fucking obsolete.

Lol, one more dead jawless beta white inbred faggot.  Nothing of value lost

Saturday, January 11, 2020


Your tears are fucking delicious, inferior caucroach scum.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Yep, probably all true.  Too bad you're an impotent faggot cuck, and there's not a damn fucking thing you're going to do about it.  Lol, Trump 2020.  Won't make a fucking difference whatsoever.  GET FUCKING FUCKED 

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Time to Trigger Some White Incels

Time to down your entire fentanyl supply
Literally Two-Face, and he's still not an incel like you, lmfao
Now this is an angelic, 10/10 fucking face.  Just perfect for the Han superiorman.  Lol, you won't ever even come close to sniffing a cunt even a fraction as hot as this.  SAD! 
The most badass alpha motherfucker of them all:
And here's the reason why you're a fugly, bald, obese, inbred, neckbeard subhuman piece of fucking excrement who's going to be jerking your tiny pasty little incel caucroach dicklet to the above pics:
Because this random jap cunt literally has a stronger jaw than every single white "male" on the planet, lmfao.  Let that sink in.  It would be sad if it wasn't so fucking hilarious.  We really do enjoy fucking your women, though.  Just as much as they enjoy having nothing to do with your beta fucking ass.  SAD!  Reminder that your daughters will be sucking my dick.  Just kidding, you're going to die a childless incel.  White "masculinity" is the biggest joke in history, and the joke's on you.  You are nothing but a low-test, narrow-skulled, pussy beta cuck incel, and within this half of the century, you are going to finally be wiped from existence once and for fucking all, and we will at last be rid of your annoying fucking insect presence both on the fucking internet and in real life.  You're going to spend the entire rest of your miserable existence on /pol/, jerking your pasty pindick off to pictures like the above while your countries are invaded and your race literally bred out of existence.  White women will do anything to escape your fate by literally getting impregnated by anything that isn't you, lmfao.  Absolutely fucking ethered.  What part of, the rest of us just want you to fucking die and fuck off do you not seem to understand?  The fucking beauty of it all is, no matter if it's BMWF, fugly WMAF, or beautiful AMWF, the end result is the same--your inferior white bitchboy genes get absolutely BTFO.  Lol, imagine being this genetically inferior that even a drop erases your fucking features.  Anyway, it means that you lose no matter what.  This world belongs to the Han superiorman.  Eat shit and get genocided