Saturday, April 29, 2017

WMAF is a Joke to the World

Mail order bride
Yoko Ono
Asian kid with Jew surname
Yellow cab
Leftover woman
Sarong party slut
Neckbeard sexpat
Thai ladyboy
Slanted snatch
Me so horny
War bride
Loser back home
Elliot Rodger

Thursday, April 27, 2017

What is the Alt-right, REALLY?

A super autistic club for unemployed, white incel neckbeards making pro-Hitler rants on the internet while jacking off into their mothers' panties in the comfort of their parents' basement.

They'd also take a fugly, brown, Asian ladyboy as a bride if they could, but most of them are social rejects too beta to even order a fkn pizza over the phone.

Get nuked by North Korea and fist yourselves, you genetically inferior cockroach neanderthals.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The USA is the greatest threat to world peace

The first country to draft a no-first-use policy for nuclear weapons was China.  Unlike America, which adheres to no such policy.

America continues its failing quest for world hegemony.  This entails calling eastern countries such as Russia and China "aggressors" and "threats to world peace" for possessing nukes with which to defend themselves.  The hypocrisy is earth-shattering.

Any state that isn't a cuck, bowing down to arrogant, fatass American imperialism, is automatically labeled an enemy.  Uncle Sam doesn't like when someone it bullies steps up to challenge the house of cards its built.