Friday, March 24, 2017

Nazi-loving Alt-right Scum on Display

Video will probably be removed at some point, but until then, enjoy this gathering of socially inept, angsty, victim-playing, life-failing, bald, inbred, Trump ballsack-sucking, Fedora-wearing, neckbeard-having, asstard fugly white virgin autists.

Generation Z is the end for your kind.  Enjoy the genocide of oblivion that awaits you, scumlord neanderthals.

Really don’t care if it’s Jewish reptilians or radical Muslims or whatever that pulls the trigger—the west and all of you entitled pieces of snowflake fukks need to be blown straight to holy hell.

Oh, and look, the video was posted to the Misc, also—another cesspool of autistic white incels.

The really hilarious fking thing is that the vast majority of white nationalists today who worship Hitler would have been sent to the camps in WWII for being genetically inferior human scum, lmfao.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Decline of America (lol)

What's truly hilarious is how oblivious news outlets are to the severity of their own country's diminution.  Both sides of the political spectrum are too busy trying to discredit each other to focus on the real issues.

The right calls out the left for its "fake news," and the left blasts back with "alternative facts."  Keeping all of the stupid, ugly, inbred fatass rednecks of middle America distracted from seeing the writing on the wall.

For Americans and anglos, it's all about playing the victim while blaming others for doing the same.

Lol.  Incompetent, cretinous children.  Get nuked.

Monday, February 27, 2017

BREAKING: All Australians Are Drug Cheats

The Australian press' conduct last summer was embarrassingly typical of an irrelevant, inferior cuckasoid country.  Jealousy, insecurity, and arrant discrimination—textbook, hallmark characteristics of redneck, white trash nationalists and the autistic, neckbeard alt-right.

You koala-sodomizing fukkers must be incensed that one of your own swim coaches has stepped out to blast your hypocrisy and call out your substance-abusing, drugged-up cheats like Mack Horton and Samantha Riley.

Fkn. Eat. It.

Even the orange buffoon has to back down and stay cucked by the CCP.  Who in the flying fukk do you aussie pricks think you are?

The "big, bad" West is just mad that the Dragon will lead the future and blaze a trail that will decimate foreign aggressors and homegrown traitors alike.

The greatest terrorists in the history of humanity is none other than the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States federal government, the very embodiment of hypocrisy, deceit, unlawfulness, evil, and scumbaggery.

So by all means, stay mad.

Stay mad that Australia is a filthy, irrelevant chithole and continue getting raped by kangaroos, m'kay?

Stay mad that Sina Weibo will soon have more users than Twitter.

Stay mad that China's wages this year will exceed that of Mexico and all South American countries combined.

Stay mad that Great Wall Motors is putting foreign automakers out of business.

Stay mad that Baidu will soon overtake Google in deep learning AI.

Stay mad that China's new high-speed railway network will be the most advanced in the world.

Stay mad that China has swarms of unmanned aircraft and a nuclear strategic bomber ready to wreck western weapons platforms.

Stay mad that Chinese firms dominate the top rated clean energy moneymakers.

Stay mad that China has more billionaires than any country in the world.

Stay mad that China will produce the world's first exascale supercomputer.

Stay mad that China now has a fiber-optic laser cannon defense system capable of annihilating entire swarms of western UAVs.  Made in motherfukkin China.

Stay mad that Hongkies, Taiwanese, and assorted traitorous cuck scum remain bitter and irrelevant cockroaches.

Stay mad about an innocuous little Netflix series, you precious, offended little snowflake PHUCKS.

Stay mad AF, you fugly, inbred, inferior, neanderthal cuckasoid scum.