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"Everything in the universe exists in a state of perpetual flux. Permanence is an illusion. Human "progress" is an illusion, for "progress" is impossible in a zero-sum universe. Humanity is riding a ferris wheel, spinning around in circles without aim. This corresponds in an essential respect with hedonic adaptation. Your entire life can be summed up as one big dopamine rollercoaster. Everything you do in life is about getting your next dopamine fix. There is nothing more profound about your existence." #redpill

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Japan — The King Cucks of Asia

Japs have been singlehandedly responsible for the destruction of Asian pride and masculinity for several decades.

Putting ugly cuckasoid males in their fashion magazines and billboard ads, pandering to their white overlords like the obedient yellow dogs that they are.

Video games are the fukking worst.  Just look at Hideo Kojima, lord of cucks.  Typical fugly as chit Jap who thinks he’s white, trololol.  Writing stories about inbred white neaderthals and WMAF, all the while beating off to tentacle porn and sniffing used undies.

Japs are the absolute epitome of BETA and CUCK.  An island of manlet cretins entirely devoid of identity and dignity.

Lol at your birth rates.

Please get nuked again and this time sink into the fukking ocean.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hong Kong — City of Yellow Cucks

What a city of fugly and miserable, white ballsack-licking cuckolds.  Its inhabitants suffer collectively from a deluded sense of “honorary whiteness.”  Xianggang is nothing more than an insignificant little cockroach port used by dirtbag westerners to suck the wealth from the Qing Dynasty.  Nothing more than the middle man, artificially propped up by its inbred Brit overlords.  Literally the traitorous slut of East Asia.

Hongkies base their entire identity and self worth on being the white man’s dogs.  Nowadays they are angry about their city’s increasing irrelevance and are lashing out while the decolonization of the rest of Asia proceeds on schedule.  Let’s get something straight here, you spineless, fugly yellow manlets—you were never the “best Asians,” not under any system, not now and not ever.  What you are is sell-outs who have rejected your own culture and community.

You are, and have always been, white ballsack-licking sluts and cucks.  Stay irrelevant and fukking drown in the sea.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Asians are Pathetic, Self-Hating Cucks

While literally every group in the world—some in more violent ways than others—are fighting against white supremacy, here are you yellow little cockroaches trying your best to bow down and assimilate into western societies.

All of you are cucked, mentally colonized to the max, worshipping the scumlords who have subjugated you from birth.

White supremacy exists at the expense of non-whites—white supremacy cannot flourish alongside equality.  The system is designed to brainwash the masses into hating themselves, but only Asians are pathetic enough to slurp it all up like the dogs you are.

Your beta, worthless parents left you a legacy of mental colonization injected with western propaganda, which you, the spawn of cucks, have inherited gladly.  As you self-hating vermin continue to consume western media, this soft power tool alters your subconscious over time to the point where its lies become immanent.

Also, lol in particular at stupid, fugly Asian whores who believe their master-dog relationships with ugly white neckbeards are anywhere in the realm of “progressive” or “tolerant.”

Nah, you are a pathetic fukking joke to the entire rest of the world outside your delusional bubble, you mentally colonized, gold-digging, status-seeking, shame-bringing, pancake face and body kunts.

Euthanize yourselves, you cringey, beta wastes of cellular matter.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

WMAF Are Despised By Their Own Kids

As cringey as it is seeing fugly, self-hating, white-worshipping, braindead Asian whores with busted, balding, beta, insecure, fatass white neckbeards, for most people in the world it evokes only feelings of disgust, pity, or derision.

But for the children of white males and Asian females, there is nothing but absolute loathing and resentment.  Nobody, and I mean NO ONE, hates WMAF more than their own supreme offspring.

WMAF can defend their “progressive, color-blind love” all they want, but the truth comes right out of the horse’s mouth—their own fukking kids.

Case in point:
Watch the whole video before reading on.  Sums up everything, the entire status quo, the implications for the near future, handily.

Nobody “gets it” more than the supreme children of WMAF.  A very special kind of karmic irony.  Because when your own goddamn children hate your fukking guts and, in some cases, go as far as to chop you up into bloody pieces in your fukking sleep, you can safely consider yourself, your relationship, your very identity, and your entire worthless life to have been one massive, colossal fukking FAILURE.

We (the superior Asian male) really don’t even need to do jack squat at this point.  This war has already been won.  The world and its future belongs to motherfukking China and the Asian fukking male.  Will we even allow white males and Asian females to subsist in our world after they get the rug pulled out from under them?

The jury’s still out on that one.

But the future looks pretty bleak for you scumlords.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Rogue One vs. The Great Wall

Look very closely at these posters and observe the differences between these two films released over the weekend.
SJW wet dream vs. white savior propaganda.

Take a guess as to which one is going to wreck the other at the box office worldwide.

Now get the fuk off my blog.

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