Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Pigskins, Negroids, and Beaners Arguing About Who is More Shit


Lol, what a great thread.  There's nothing more entertaining than low IQ incel garbage arguing about which inferior subhuman race is more deserving of genocidal oblivion.

Pro tip: after China drops about fifty kilotons of nukes on this shithole ballsack country, this argument will be fucking moot.


Ahahahahahahaahahaha!!!  The absolute fucking state of the west, lmfao!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

The White Male is Literally Hated By Everyone on Earth. Lol

TFW literally everyone hates your vile fucking kind and wants you annihilated.  And yes, China will indeed be the ones to inherit the entire fucking world after your long-deserved massive genocide.

Imagine being so cucked by jews that you willingly cut off the tips of your already tiny piglet micro dicks.  Stay inferior.


Lol, just look at this delusional, brainwashed piece of inbred white trash get fucking eviscerated.  Based Quora as usual.

Amerikkka will NEVER stop China.  Not today, not any day.  China is going to rapidly and greatly surpass you in every fucking conceivable way while you spiral into irrelevant oblivion and eternal nonexistence. Any fucking spawn of yours that are left once you're gone will also be brutally and mercilessly wiped out, rest assured.  Every trace of the white cancer will be fucking removed, and your history will be fucking erased.  
Hell, you inbred subhuman cumstains can't even stop FUCKING INDIA.  Keep jerking your tiny pig dicks to hentai in your parents' basements, foreverincel genetic garbage.  You will never breed.  You will die miserably alone on fucking /pol/.



So. Much. LOSING.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Amerikkka Gets Annihilated in All War Simulations


Lmfao, Amerikkka is the biggest joke of this past century, the ultimate paper tiger.

But this shouldn't come as a surprise—inbred fatass yanks got their fat asses handed to them by some peasant jungle gooks, and have spent ... how many fucking years in the fucking middle east now???
Can't wait until we finally nuke the everlasting motherfucking shit out of you.  

Also, take your Made in Amerikkka death trap garbage and GTFO:


By the way, it's pretty obvious at this point to anyone with a triple digit IQ that Amerikkka has two choices for the near future—implement universal basic income ... or have a Communist uprising on your hands.  This is literally history about to repeat itself.  So, Amerikkka will go to shit, and the east is going to carve up the fucking world.

And just in case you were wondering, the reason why communism has worked so well in China is because IT ISN'T REALLY A FUCKING COMMUNIST COUNTRY AT ALL.

Fkn dumbasses.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Lol at Fucking Cuckservatards

Cuckservatards:  "Multiculturalism doesn't work!  Different races aren't compatible with each other!  Humans are not all created equal!  Diversity is being forced down our throats!  The USA will have civil war and then balkanize!!!!!!"
Also cuckservatards:  "Racism is dead!  Stop being so sensitive!  The left are the ones being divisive!  All hate crimes are a hoax!  Whites are the least racist!  America treats everyone equally, and everyone has the same opportunities!!!!!!"

Seriously, fucking kill yourselves, you insanely stupid, pathetic subhuman cockroaches.  Fugly parasites.

Just for the record, I would never actually defend the two-faced liberal scum in this country (just vomited a little in my mouth).  ALL of you need to be fucking obliterated into nuclear oblivion.

Your cumbag whale mothers should have fucking swallowed you.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Badass of the Week: Fu Hongxue

Origin: Xiaoli Feidao series
Affiliation: Demon Cult (formerly)
Occupation: Vagrant / Assassin
Weapon of choice: Saber
Best friend: Ye Kai
Love interests: Cuinong / Ma Fangling / Zhou Ting
Reason for living: To exact vengeance on his enemies