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"Everything in the universe exists in a state of perpetual flux. Permanence is an illusion. Human "progress" is an illusion, for "progress" is impossible in a zero-sum universe. Humanity is riding a ferris wheel, spinning around in circles without aim. This corresponds in an essential respect with hedonic adaptation. Your entire life can be summed up as one big dopamine rollercoaster. Everything you do in life is about getting your next dopamine fix. There is nothing more profound about your existence." #redpill

Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Taiwanese are NOT Chinese and never will be

There’s one thing on which we can agree.  Taiwanese—as well as Hongkies and all other spineless, white-worshipping race traitors—have lost every last bit of their “Chinese soul” since the end of the civil war.

There is nothing remotely sino about these hentai-loving, Kim Kardashian-idolizing cretins.  They have no identity to call their own, not cultural nor ethnic.  The Taiwanese are western lapdogs, mentally colonized from birth, renounced by the ancestors as progeny.

And just to be clear, had the KMT won the civil war, then Russia and China would have been enemies instead of allies since the Cold War.  This was back when the country couldn’t even produce its own weapons.

The CCP should simply stop giving two fukks about this island of cockroaches and focus all money and efforts on the expansion of China’s nuclear arsenal.  Defense spending should, at this point, be surpassing that of the fukking west.

‘Murica is the nation that bombs, rapes, kills, lies, and manipulates with impunity in the name of “freedom.”

And Asians, above all other races, are the beta cucks that lick their fat inbred ballsacks.

Just lmfao at all of the double-digit IQ inbred returds feeling so hurr durr empowered by the actions of their God-Emperor Trump (read: orange assclown).

Suppose the USA is a teacher at a school and China is a big bad bully picking on all the little kids.  Then one day, the teacher decides to give a lollipop to one of the kids, right in front of the bully, before leaving the room and shutting the door behind her.

What exactly did you pea-brained, uneducated imbeciles incapable of anything remotely resembling critical thought believe would happen here?  China has a GDP of $21 trillion and an active personnel of 2.3 million.  Any country that wants to get fukked sideways, step up to the phucking plate.  

At the very least, China is going to put so much pressure now on Taiwan it’s going to cripple their already stagnant economy for years if not decades to come.

But let’s be brutally honest here.  Geopolitics and fear of its implications is, in the end, such blatant phaggotry.  The only thing that matters in the 21st century is nuclear authority.

The Dragon plays second fiddle to no one, and all bets can now be considered off.  The era of the west dictating foreign policy is rapidly coming to its end, and you’d better believe that all traitors will be purged alongside the western filth.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Why the Alt-right Hates Globalism

While white countries have managed to develop to a national level, it is China and China alone that has managed to attain a true civilization.

Western Europe has always strived to enslave the world.  They are a loose confederacy of savages that have used soft power and divide-and-conquer tactics to mentally colonize and cuck the unsuspecting non-white masses.

But where India has failed, China has succeeded handily, more than regaining its economic and military parity against the crumbling west.

The Dragon is waking up, and it thirsts to retaliate.

Globalism is the integration of disparate economies and a redistribution of wealth into averages.  For the west, it means the white man will no longer enjoy a monopoly over the world's wealth.  What these inbred hicks fail to realize (or refuse to concede) is that the only reason their living standards have been comparatively higher in the last century is solely due to pre-modern colonialism, i.e. white scumbag leeches pillaging the riches of other countries.

Now as non-white nations grow wealthier and begin rising up, with China at the absolute forefront, the true inferiority of western Europeans at last comes to light.

The Jews comprehended all of this before anyone else.  The establishment has made it so that the white male may never again rise to power in their own countries, made certain that their atrocitiesthe genocide of the Natives, the enslavement of Africans, the mass murder of Jews, the colonizing of Asians, the ravaging of the Middle Eastcontinue to facilitate social unrest and anti-white sentiment throughout the world.

The exception, of course, being all of you whitewashed cuckolds.  Kill yourselves, pls.

Tsai Ing-wen has a Eurasian son living in Canada

Pig-faced Cai Yingwen (or Tsai Ing-wen, if you prefer bastardized Wade-Giles) has been trying to keep the existence of her half-white son a secret for years.

She is the face of the secessionist movement in Taiwan.  As we all know, Hongkies, Taiwanese, and Singapores are extremely self-hating and white-worshipping little rodents, so eager to denounce their ethnic and cultural identities while at the same time speaking the language and wearing the faces of their ancestors.

Island "Chinese" are the embodiment of self-loathing and hypocrisy as they crawl on their knees begging to suck gweilo nuts.

It's the same with all the brown filipinos claiming to have Spanish and German and Irish blood (fkn lol).  The truth is, you are just short and brown and ugly and inferior, you Stockholm Syndrome-suffering retards.

Go away, self-hating vermin.  Seriously, you beta cucks are an utter phucking embarrassment to the rest of us.

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Eight Nation Alliance Caused Far More Death than Tiananmen

Don't you just love western hypocrisy when it comes to speaking out against Asian violence?  The biased, propaganda-spreading media machine of the west, coupled with the hordes of self-hating Chans and Lus help to facilitate this.

And it never takes long for some dirtbag to bring up the Tiananmen Square "Massacre" as if that's some sort of salient point.

Here are the facts:

 White supremacy is the root of all lynchings, shootings, riots, mass murders, and general unrest in the west.
The Opium Wars and the Eight Nation Alliance invasion led to significantly more killings, rapes, looting, and vandalism than Tiananmen.  But of course, no apologies will ever be made by alt-right white nationalists, because "muh patriotism!"
— Nobody in China gives two phucks about Tiananmen.  It is literally only brought up by white neckbeards for their divide-and-conquer Asia tactics.  And considering how phucking ignorant and brainwashed most Asians are, it works handily.

Besides whitewashed, self-hating Asians, everyone else in the world seems to despite the white male and western colonialism and endeavors to wipe their kind from existence.  Now gee, why do you suppose that is?

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Asian Women Have Five Times the STDs as Asian Males


Asian women, especially in the west, are known to be promiscuous (read: sluts).  Their salad bar is always open, nomsaiyan?  Anyone who has observed Asian female dating culture in the west can confirm how easy they are.

We're talking chlamydia, HPV, herpes, you name it.  And one guess as to whom they caught all these bugs from:
But please, I defy you, go ahead and try pinning this one on "oppressive Asian male patriarchy."

To all Asian guys out therestay away from these whores and don't catch their cooties, cucks.
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