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Monday, July 30, 2012

Michael Phelps and Jordyn Wieber taste DEFEAT at the 2012 Olympics

London 2012 Team USA updates:

After getting his ass handed to him by teammate Ryan Lochte in the 400-meter medley (and then not even making the podium), Michael Phelps continued to suffer defeat by failing to win gold again in the freestyle relay, with Team USA coming in second.

Most decorated Olympian?  Or most OVERRATED?

Meanwhile, Jordyn Wieber failed to to qualify for the all-around competition (by 0.233 of a point), while Alexandra Raisman and Gabrielle Douglas advanced, meaning the reigning world champion in gymnastics won't even be competing for the gold against the rest of the "best."

I'm guessing that even if they had passed the trials, Nastia Liukin and Alicia Sacramone probably would have FAILED to qualify as well.  I guess that's sort of a consolation?

At any rate, that's what overconfidence gets you.  A long hard smack in the face, a.k.a. a reality check.

Here's some words of wisdom for all you morons out there:

Anticipate everything, and expect NOTHING.

Courtesy of the Fire Yin Taoist.

And now let's take a look at the current medal count shall we?

Oh look, China is dominating with the most gold medals as well as the most medals overall.  What a shocker.  As usual, the REAL #1 world power is handing the competition their bitch ASSES (hey, if NBC can be biased, then so can I ... AGAINST Team USA.  How the fuck do you like that, bitches?)

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